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die elektroschuhe, Nitzsche & Hummel, Lichtprognose featuring PENGuin Dunkelstrom

A theater sensation in a 3-day-festival format featuring selected special guests on every evening. 'The Great Antenna' is a crossover performance in a multi-dimensional setting crafted by a collective of outstanding artists, dancers and musicians. Astonishing live visuals generated by projectors and the possibilities of modern technology. Electronic music made with violin, bassguitar and microchips. Contemporary dance with an international line-up of extreme performers. All together in a continuous dialog between the arts, creating a piece that will shake the world of theater to it's very foundations. 

die elektroschuhe, Nitzsche & Hummel, Lichtprognose featuring PENGuin Dunkelstrom.

dancers: Erol Alexandrov, Ini Dill, Daniel Drabek, Elly Fujita, Eliane Krauer

musicians: Sabine Bremer, Arne Nitzsche

light design: Josef Maaß, Anastasia Mikhaylova, Johannes Regin

03.- 05. April 2015 um 20 Uhr im

Acker Stadt Palast

Ackerstraße 169/170, Berlin

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